Monthly Archives: January 2010


We left the heat of Buenos Aires behind a few days ago and have been enjoying the mountain air in Bariloche since. It is such a shock to have the sun setting after 10pm that we don’t end up having dinner until around that time.


Our first day we went for a hike up Cerro Cathedral. At the top we found amazing views of the surrounding mountains and the lakes below.


The following day we rented bikes, riding a 27 km loop through a park. It was up and down all day. We stopped for lunch in a spot with a view of Mount Tronador, went for a swim in a small lake, and on one of our last climbs of the day we spotted a sign. Fabrica de Cerveza! Obviously we had a break and enjoyed a beer in the shade before finishing off the ride.


And today we relax, we are looking into renting a car to drive to San Martin de Los Andes.



Vancouver, Toronto, Santiago, Buenos Aires… after 20 hours of travel and repeatedly loading and unloading the same plane we arrived.


It was a bit of a shock to leave the air conditioned airport, to quote Marcy “I forgot was summer feels like.” We had a restless first night fighting for the fan trying to sleep in the heat.


After rising a little late this morning we took the subway to the centre of the city and spent the day walking. Andamos.


On our way home from dinner, we emerged from the subway and found ourselves in the middle of a thunderstorm. Impatient to get back we ran the few blocks to the hostel.


I will post some photos when I can get them uploaded.