Monthly Archives: April 2011

Easter in Roche Harbor

The warm weather arrived just in time for the long weekend.  We packed up the boat, including our much needed new BBQ, and popped across Haro Straight to Roche Harbor for a couple of nights.  There were some BIG boats in the marina, here is a photo looking at our little boat from the other side of the marina.  The light was getting low so the photo ended up blurry which is why I doctored it up a bit in Photoshop.



And some local seals sunning themselves on the rocks.

Autumn Blouse

I’m now able to cross M6123 off my list of unfinished projects.  I started this last September and after cutting the pieces I somehow had forgotten about it.  I’ve had the house to myself this week, so I’ve been working away in the evenings stitching up this top while listening to the Canada Reads podcast of The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis.It was the perfect time to read/listen to this as it is about Canadian politics and we have an election coming up in a couple weeks.


I finished the top this evening.  It ended up being quite loose fitting so I had to bring it in an inch or so at each side and at the back.  Also, I didn’t have to worry about the zipper as the fabric is a nice stretch cotton.

Well, I like my buttons.

I managed to finish up two of my incomplete projects: the Beignet and Begbie Cowl.  I was able to incorporate my ceramic buttons into both projects.

The Beignet skirt has twelve buttons up the front. The buttons look great, but the button holes were a challenge.  I chose to try bound buttons holes and it wasn’t until the twelfth and final one that I actual got it right.  I’m looking forward to trying again with darker colour and probably a little less wrinkle prone fabric.



I really like how my Begbie Cowl turned out.  The pattern was easy to follow, as are all of Jane’s patterns.