Monthly Archives: November 2012

Ma Robe Sureau

This is my first make of a Deer and Doe pattern.  I love the way it turned out, I cut a straight size 42 and it didn’t require any modifications.  I did shorten the sleeves and add a cuff as I didn’t find the wide sleeves all that flattering on me.  The instructions/diagrams were very straight forward and I only had to refer to google translate once or twice. I even used my own handmade ceramic buttons.





Looking forward to making the Belladonna soon.


Fibre Filled Weekend

Instead of flitting off somewhere warm and sunny for the long weekend, a good friend and I decided to stay in town and take some fibre art classes at my local wool shop, Knotty by Nature.  First, on Saturday we did the intro to wet felting class, followed by an afternoon at the spa and a night at the pub.  Then today we attended an class on spinning wool, which I absolutely loved!  It’s a fabulous class and I can’t say enough about Knotty by Nature.  Here’s some photos of what I made.



And the spun yarn!



And some roving to spin as soon as I get my wheel in working order.