Monthly Archives: December 2012

Mistletoe Gala 2012

Here’s my dress for this years gala. Every year friends throw a big gala to raise money, this year they were helping raise money for the help fill a dream foundation.

I started out with big plans to sew Gertie’s Butterick 5814 dress, but sadly time and skill did not allow for it. Instead I went with Colette’s Chantilly. For me Colette patterns are tried and true, I can cut into them knowing I will not have to make any adjustments.

Here’s a photo…



and a professional photo, thanks to KGOODPHOTO, from the night…




A Fun Little Mistake

I just brought these two beauties home from the pottery studio. I was pretty proud of them as they are pretty much exactly as I had planned, plus one fun little mistake.

And the fun little mistake… I was making buttons during the same session and I threw them in the mugs for the bisque firing. Both of the mugs had buttons stuck to the bottom when they came out of the kiln. Now, when you finish your cup of tea there are buttons staring back up at you.