Alberta St. Laurel

I bought this fabric back in February on a quick weekend getaway to Portland. I found it in the remnant bin at Bolt Fabric Boutique on Alberta St and I couldn’t pass it up as it contained all my favourite colours. I was hoping to squeeze a shirt out of it and was pleasantly surprised when I laid the pieces of the Laurel pattern out and it fit! I might even have enough left over to make a matching pair of knickers!

It’s a very lightweight cotton so I underlined it with some purple cotton that I had in my ever growing stash of fabric. The only alteration I made to the pattern was with the neckline and I think I will be needing to add a couple bra strap holders to the inside of the dress.




I have two more pieces of fabric from that trip to Portland, both are beautiful wool from Pendleton. It’s amazing I had time to poke around the fabric shops with all the fantastic beer and food throughout the city! I’m thinking of making a Cordova jacket with one of them.

2 thoughts on “Alberta St. Laurel

  1. Kelly

    It’s really pretty, I love the fabric! I was in Portland recently and went to Bolt, what a great shop…I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t buy very much, I was wishing later I would have bought more!

    1. alison Post author

      Yes, I love all the shops on Alberta street and everything about Portland. Can’t wait to go back.


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