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How Do You Say “Alison Rea”?

There have been many times in my past when people have stumbled over pronouncing my middle name, Rea. I did a short survey across friends and for the most part they all said Ray. Which is correct!

This got me to thinking. Both my sewing and knitting skills are for the most part self taught, with a lot help from the internet. So, almost all of my knowledge has been acquired by reading. Seeing words on paper and never actually hearing them spoken. As I slowly meet other sewists and knitters I am finding that I completely lack confidence in what I am saying. I regularly trip up on the most simple of words. From armscye, to Pfaff, to godet, to even voile… the list goes on!

So, if you were in anyway unsure of how to pronounce Rea, it is Ray, not Ree or Ree-ah.

Have a beautiful fall weekend.  I hope to finish, in time for Saturday night, a red Peony dress using my own self drafted sloper for the bodice.  Then, next on my ever grown list of projects, I will shamelessly be copying Sarai and her Zinnia skirt with some beautiful black silk I recently acquired.

Mistletoe Gala 2012

Here’s my dress for this years gala. Every year friends throw a big gala to raise money, this year they were helping raise money for the help fill a dream foundation.

I started out with big plans to sew Gertie’s Butterick 5814 dress, but sadly time and skill did not allow for it. Instead I went with Colette’s Chantilly. For me Colette patterns are tried and true, I can cut into them knowing I will not have to make any adjustments.

Here’s a photo…



and a professional photo, thanks to KGOODPHOTO, from the night…




Look What I Found!



I came across an estate sale on the weekend and decided to have a look around.  I was super excited to find this antique Singer sewing machine.  After bringing it home, I did some looking around in the internet and from what I can tell it is a Singer Model 128 from around 1936.



The machine has been well loved over the years.  It has lots of minor dings and scratches, but it sews like a dream.  It is amazing how little has changed over the years.  However I did find this manual invaluable when it came to oiling and threading the machine and winding the bobbin.  The machine has only one stitch but it does it beautifully.  Here’s a Sorbetto blouse that I whipped up with it.