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A Fun Little Mistake

I just brought these two beauties home from the pottery studio. I was pretty proud of them as they are pretty much exactly as I had planned, plus one fun little mistake.

And the fun little mistake… I was making buttons during the same session and I threw them in the mugs for the bisque firing. Both of the mugs had buttons stuck to the bottom when they came out of the kiln. Now, when you finish your cup of tea there are buttons staring back up at you.

Well, I like my buttons.

I managed to finish up two of my incomplete projects: the Beignet and Begbie Cowl.  I was able to incorporate my ceramic buttons into both projects.

The Beignet skirt has twelve buttons up the front. The buttons look great, but the button holes were a challenge.  I chose to try bound buttons holes and it wasn’t until the twelfth and final one that I actual got it right.  I’m looking forward to trying again with darker colour and probably a little less wrinkle prone fabric.



I really like how my Begbie Cowl turned out.  The pattern was easy to follow, as are all of Jane’s patterns.