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Portland Island, Porpoises, and Cormorants

Here are some photo’s from our weekend on Portland Island.  It was our first time anchoring overnight, the first night was a little rough but we managed to get some sleep with all the rocking. Our second night we went to a more sheltered bay where we could stern tie the boat to shore which made for a much more pleasant sleep.  I am sure it was quite comical to watch us set up the stern ropes.  I had to paddle back to our boat a couple times to get more rope as we had trouble estimating the distance to the shore.

On the way up and back we saw many porpoises. We kept having to stop and watch but it was hard to capture them in a photo.

Easter in Roche Harbor

The warm weather arrived just in time for the long weekend.  We packed up the boat, including our much needed new BBQ, and popped across Haro Straight to Roche Harbor for a couple of nights.  There were some BIG boats in the marina, here is a photo looking at our little boat from the other side of the marina.  The light was getting low so the photo ended up blurry which is why I doctored it up a bit in Photoshop.



And some local seals sunning themselves on the rocks.