How Do You Say “Alison Rea”?

There have been many times in my past when people have stumbled over pronouncing my middle name, Rea. I did a short survey across friends and for the most part they all said Ray. Which is correct!

This got me to thinking. Both my sewing and knitting skills are for the most part self taught, with a lot help from the internet. So, almost all of my knowledge has been acquired by reading. Seeing words on paper and never actually hearing them spoken. As I slowly meet other sewists and knitters I am finding that I completely lack confidence in what I am saying. I regularly trip up on the most simple of words. From armscye, to Pfaff, to godet, to even voile… the list goes on!

So, if you were in anyway unsure of how to pronounce Rea, it is Ray, not Ree or Ree-ah.

Have a beautiful fall weekend.  I hope to finish, in time for Saturday night, a red Peony dress using my own self drafted sloper for the bodice.  Then, next on my ever grown list of projects, I will shamelessly be copying Sarai and her Zinnia skirt with some beautiful black silk I recently acquired.

One thought on “How Do You Say “Alison Rea”?

  1. Andrea

    Black silk? Awesome! I did wonder how you pronounced your middle name and I’m glad to have an answer. I’ll remember how by thinking of a “ray of sunshine”. Cool. Oh, and just in case you were wondering (I’m sure you were not), my first name is pronounced “Andréa”, with an emphasis on the “e”, in the Italian or Hispanic way.


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