King of the Castle

On Friday afternoon I wrote down a list of all the sewing, knitting, and pottery projects I’ve had piling up in my head. It’s a LONG list, and it is a long weekend here in Canada. At the top of the list was my second Datura top from Deer & Doe patterns. I already had the fabric cut, with my alteration to lower the bust dart and I was able to sew it all up on Friday evening.  I bought the fabric from my new favourite online source, mostly because it is Canadian and shipping is cheap.  If you look closely the dots are actually little crowns.


I don’t know about you but, any time my buttons don’t need to be functional I skip the button holes altogether and just sew the buttons into place.   I’ve done this with both of my Datura tops and on many other projects.

On Saturday, I headed out to the west coast of the island to go mushroom picking with friends.  Which is pretty comical as I don’t particularly like eating mushrooms.  But, it was a good excuse to spend a couple hours amongst the trees.  Don’t worry I didn’t actually wear my new top and heels tromping through the forest.  I thought the coast would be a great location for a photo shoot and I made a quick wardrobe change as Benny was digging up ferns at the side of a logging road in a clearcut forest.  And, instead of using the gorgeous coast line as a backdrop for the photographs, we found a stump for me to perch on.




And, here I am swinging from a rope down at Mystic Beach in clothing not made by me.


Happy Thanksgiving!  And, thank you to my good friend Benny for taking these photos for me.  If you are interested, she has a fabulous cooking blog of her own over at Being Bethany Jane.  The Amazing Grain Free Pad Thai is truly amazing!

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