Ma Robe Sureau

This is my first make of a Deer and Doe pattern.  I love the way it turned out, I cut a straight size 42 and it didn’t require any modifications.  I did shorten the sleeves and add a cuff as I didn’t find the wide sleeves all that flattering on me.  The instructions/diagrams were very straight forward and I only had to refer to google translate once or twice. I even used my own handmade ceramic buttons.





Looking forward to making the Belladonna soon.


7 thoughts on “Ma Robe Sureau

  1. Clotilde

    I’m really fond of your dress ; so lovely ^^ and when I think of your handmade buttons, I just keep smiling : absolutely gorgeous 😀
    I’m looking forward to seeing your Belladone
    (I hope it’s ok with my bad english… I couldn’t help write a comment !)

  2. Emilie LG

    As I told you on the Flic’r group of the Sureau Sewalong I love your version !
    I was wondering, how do you make the buttons ?
    I’m gonna had your blog in my google reader beacause I love your style 🙂

    1. alison Post author

      Thank you! I spend a lot of time in the pottery studio, so I tend to make buttons with my left over clay. They are stoneware, fired and glazed.

  3. Joke

    It’s really pretty! I love it, the dress, the fabric and the buttons! Wonderfull combination! I was just wondering… you don’t look like a size 42 at all, If I see your pictures I would figure you are a 38. Yet it fits you just fine. Are the sizes that small? Greets!


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