Pinstripe Pinspiration

I first pinned this dress back in June.  After mulling over how best to recreate it I decided to reuse the Reglisse bodice and draft my own skirt. and I had this simple grey and white cotton pinstripe in my stash that I picked up on my trip to Croatia.  Once I figured out the Croatian word for fabric google maps was excellent at finding me little fabric shops in the cities.  I on the other hand was less excellent at following the maps, too many tiny streets!

I created my own bias tape using the tutorial featured in the Colette Sewing Handbook and I found a similar online tutorial for you here.  Anytime I make bias tape I find myself referring to the handbook, but I have come to realize how simple and quick it is to do.  The day I started on making this dress I went to plug in my iron and it failed to heat up.  It was only a year old, so I decided to splurge on a Rowenta and oh my does a good iron ever make a difference.


There was rather harsh lighting for the photos, but since I’ve had this dress completed for weeks I thought it best to get the photos done while I had the time.





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