Self Drafted Peony


Today, after more than a week in the fog, the sun came out.  It was a perfect fall day to take some photos of my self drafted Peony dress.  In September, I took a pattern drafting class where we drafted a bodice sloper to our own measurements.  I loved the class, and ordered what I’ve been told is the pattern drafting bible.  I found it for under $20 here!

I’ve had Colette’s Peony dress in the plans for a long time, but I kept reading about sewists having difficulty fitting this particular pattern.  Which shocked me as all of Sarai’s patterns have fit me perfectly without any adjustments.  I decided I would try out my new custom sloper.  I altered it, copying the Peony neckline and altering my single dart to be both a bust and waist dart.  I drafted some facings and used the Peony skirt pattern pieces.


Now, since my sloper does not include seam allowances, I finally get to show you my idea for adding seam allowances while cutting your fabric.  It was probably almost a year ago that I went to Lee Valley and bought these magnets, for this exact purpose.  Each magnet is 1/8 of an inch in thickness, so I just stacked five of them on my scissors and started cutting the fabric.  Lining up the magnet edge with the pattern pieces.



4 thoughts on “Self Drafted Peony

  1. Rachel

    Love that dress with boots for fall! I think I need to re-learn pattern drafting. I have such a hard time fitting dress patterns! Being 5feet tall doesn’t help… Thanks for sharing!

    1. alison Post author

      Thanks! You just have to remember that these magnets are insanely strong, so you must keep all metal objects at a safe distance or they will be jumping towards your scissors. 🙂


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