Severance: Opportunity Awaits.


Today was my first day to enjoy and ponder what lies ahead over the next few months. I woke up, had a cup of tea and called my parents, model retirees, to see what they do after they have enjoyed their morning coffee. Mom couldn’t talk long as she was about to jump on her bike to go to yoga class… her good advice was to have a plan. I figure if I write and post my plan I am more likely to execute it, not squandering my time away. So much to do, with seemingly unlimited time!


In no specific order:


1) Spanish and South America


Come mid January it looks like I will be on my way to Argentina and Chile for three weeks.  Today I downloaded some software to help me learn Spanish and tonight I completed the first unit. My plan is to complete the course and give Marcy a run for her money!


2)  Web Design


I have a few projects on the go.  I am helping a fellow ex-coworker, Jeremy Brown, with a simple site to exhibit his fantastic woodturning projects.  I am making a few minor tweaks to Mark Creery Photography as well as adding to and possibly redesigning Paddy Wales’ garden photography site.


3) Crafty Projects


Oh the list of fun projects I haven’t had the time for lately is endless, here’s a few:

  • Upholster another kitchen table chair. My Dad gave me a couple chairs he built years ago and in true “Mason” fashion they were only 80% done.  Upholstering was left to me, I finished the first chair, but have failed to complete the project.  Like father like daughter.
  • A bag for my contact supplies.  I am a recent convert to contacts and I need a nice little bag I can throw in my purse with all the required supplies for when my contacts inevitably fall out.
  • Speaking of bags I have a few on the go that I will finish
  • Christmas Presents – shhh it’s a surprise!
  • A dress for the BBBS Christmas Gala


4) Read, Read, Read


There’s a few books in the queue.  First, our bookclub book for this month, Nine Parts of Desire.  I have been slacking on the last few books and I have no excuses this month.  Second, I have checked a great Photography book out of the library.  I will have a read and hopefully my photos from South America will be better than any photos I have taken before.


That’s it for now, I’m sure I will think of more.  Off to work on my Spanish!


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