Shibori Time

This Alder shirtdress started with some very special fabric, a gift from a friend returning from Bali.  Completely out of his element, browsing bolts of fabric, and asking for advice in broken English he found this gorgeous natural linen (and some stunning silk chiffon lace.)  After much deliberation and a Pinterest board for inspiration I decided it was a great opportunity to take a crack at indigo dyeing using a natural indigo dye kit that I bought earlier this year.


My original intention was to dip dye an already stitched up Alder dress for an ombre effect.  The pattern was a dream to sew, with a sew-along to guide you through any tricky steps.  It was my first attempt sewing a collar and I think I have finally gotten the hang of creating the correct size button holes for my buttons.  Once sewn, I made a last minute decision to give shibori dyeing a try instead of dip dyeing.  Linen is known to wrinkle and the effect of shibori hides these wrinkles well.


I have to say, this is one of my favourite makes in a while.  Here is a closer look at the shibori effect.


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