Socks * From the Toe Up

Completed! I can’t believe it has taken me this long to knit up a pair of socks. One of my guilty pleasures is sneaking into MEC and buying myself a ridiculously expensive pair of merino SmartWool socks. I found the idea of knitting socks a little intimidating; the yarn is so thin, there are toes and heals to think about, and they were definitely not going to be knit up in an afternoon.

When I came across the book “Socks from the Toe Up” at the local library, I knew it was time to give them a try. I chose the basic, short row toe and heal pattern. The first sock was completed relatively quickly, but I was a little put off by having to knit the exact same thing again. So, the completed sock sat alone for a couple months.

Then, finally, I finished the second sock while sitting in the mist watching for whales on the Johnstone Strait. I seem to knit a lot more when I’m out camping. The sewing maching doesn’t quite pack as well as a set of needles and a ball of wool. Here’s the finished product, my first pair of socks. There are a few gaps in my short row heals, I’m not sure what I was doing wrong.  But, they fit and feel fantastic.





One thought on “Socks * From the Toe Up

  1. Andrea

    Your socks looks great and from these end you can’t see the gaps at all. I’ve never knitted toe-up socks but have certainly suffered from the “second-sock syndrome” you describe.


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