Sunset Réglisse

I thought I would make up another Réglisse since I had all the pattern pieces out and it was a fairly quick make. This one is made with a quilting cotton with a sort of sunset print. Things went smoothly once I realized that it was impossible to match the pattern on the diagonal, so instead I cut the bodice out along the grainline and that worked well. I am amazed though at how differently the two fabrics behave, this bodice feels like it sits quite a bit higher than my red dress.

Here’s some photos, I wore this on day 8 of Me-Made-May. A photo from day 7 is here.

5 thoughts on “Sunset Réglisse

  1. KathleenS

    If I’m understanding correctly and you cut the bodice on the straight grain, then it’s not just the fabric difference. Bias-cut fabric will drape differently, and particularly will stretch vertically.

    1. alison Post author

      Ah, thank you! For some reason I had it in my head that the bias cut added stretch horizontally, but not vertically.

  2. Andrea

    Oh, lovely! Your Reglise turned out super cute and I really like the different orientation of the fabric for top and skirt – well done!

  3. KathleenS

    Yes, it will stretch both ways. Of course, it has more encouragement to do so vertically with the weight of the skirt pulling it down. Your red fabric looks like one that would really do the bias thing, so you’re really seeing the effect there.


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