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This past fall …

This past fall Jeff and I had a lovely little wedding full of love, laughter and many of our favourite people.  The rains came in full force starting Friday evening, but miraculously the clouds parted and the sun came out less than a half hour before the ceremony and were able to quickly move the ceremony outside.

Pretty early on in the planning I decided I wanted to sew my dress.  I was lucky enough to find a wool silk crepe that perfectly suited my vision.  I had just given up searching through the bridal section at Fabricana, where everything was either too white and too light, when I decided to take a look at the clearance wool wall.

Alexandra of In-House Patterns offered to help with my muslin fitting.  It was wonderful to have her skilled hands and expertise.  My original muslin was of Butterick B5710, but I wavered on whether or not it was the design I wanted.  I knew I wanted the shape of the bottom half, but throughout my internet research I was drawn to this skirt and top from Amy Kuschel.  After much deliberation I went for it.  The top was adapted from Deer and Doe’s MÉLILOT Shirt.

It was my first time sewing with such wonderful fabrics and for the most part I think I did alright.  I only ran into problems on the bias cut skirt when I failed to heed advice and reinforce the seams and zippers.  There was some puckering, but with the belt I was mostly able to minimize these.

With many thanks to Jennifer Picard Photography, here are a handful of photos featuring my handmade wedding gown and my handsome new husband.