UnFinished Objects


Over the past couple weeks in some of my regular readings I have been come across posts about peoples UFOs ( UnFinished Objects. ) This got me thinking about my many and I mean many unfinished projects, it seems that as soon as things start to go sideways I very quickly lose interest. I also quite often get sidetracked and fail to return to a project. Today I have gathered these projects and I am going to do my best to complete them before starting any new projects.


  1. First up, McCall’s 6123 View A, a pattern I bought last fall.  I bought the fabric, cut the pieces… and never came back to it.
  2. Vogue 8558 View A.  Another top that didn’t make if much farther than cutting the fabric.  If I remember correctly I sewed up the upper bodice only to find it a little snug or short.
  3. Butterick 5456. This ended up being one big mess, entirely unflattering.  I knew it would be before starting, but for some reason didn’t listen to my instincts.  I love the colours I chose, brown and a mossy green.  The skirt is half unpicked and I hope to turn this into a top.
  4. The Begbie Cowl, pattern by Jane Richmond.  I’m probably an inch or two from finishing this one, but I have not picked up the knitting needles in at least a month.


I could probably list another half dozen or so projects: single mittens without a pair, half done scarfs waiting to be finished, and last but not least the fabulous Colette Pattern the Beignet.  I love this skirt and up until I started with the bound button holes everything was going pretty close to perfectly.  I am going to persevere and finish it up this afternoon.  I am using a lovely light grey linen cotton blend, along with twelve of my handmade ceramic in a lovely yellow.  I was quite disappointed when my turquoise buttons came out of the kiln looking not so turquoise at all, but I was pleasantly surprised with how the yellow ones looked.  I will finish the Beignet today and I hope to try again at some point soon in the future once I have gotten my buttonhole making sorted out.


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