Well, I like my buttons.

I managed to finish up two of my incomplete projects: the Beignet and Begbie Cowl.  I was able to incorporate my ceramic buttons into both projects.

The Beignet skirt has twelve buttons up the front. The buttons look great, but the button holes were a challenge.  I chose to try bound buttons holes and it wasn’t until the twelfth and final one that I actual got it right.  I’m looking forward to trying again with darker colour and probably a little less wrinkle prone fabric.



I really like how my Begbie Cowl turned out.  The pattern was easy to follow, as are all of Jane’s patterns.


One thought on “Well, I like my buttons.

  1. Janice

    Hello. I was trying to get to Mark’s site but got redirected here… was a bit confused but never mind. Happy discovery since it’s sewing related! I think the skirt looks good. I’ve never had much luck with buttonholes even with my machine which has a one-step buttonhole. I was making cushion covers on the weekend and the machine jammed halfway through doing a buttonhole. Ah well. But looks like all went well for you…


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