WIP – Moopshop Copy

When I first started sewing all I made were bags and purses, I was too afraid to attempt patterns and fitting.  I have been eyeing these waxed canvas bags from Moop for ages.  So, since these beautiful bags are out of my price range and it has been so long since I made a bag for myself, I decided to create my own.  First, I had to figure out how to make waxed canvas as it is nowhere to be found in stores or online. I was excited to find Otter Wax designed specifically for waxing canvas.  Once I collected all my supplies… red canvas, leather straps, wax, and hardware… I started drawing my plan out on graph paper.  Once I had an idea of all the pieces I created pattern pieces out of tracing paper. I’ve managed to sew up the exterior and I have a couple coats of wax on it. It shouldn’t be long until I have a completed waxed canvas bag!


DSC_0785 DSC_0813





One thought on “WIP – Moopshop Copy

  1. Jennifer Flynn

    I would love to see how this turned out. I also love these kind of bags but they are not in my budget.


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